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Migrating e-mail to new provider

Here I explain my migration from Gandi mail after their price hike (ycombinator.com) to the Dutch Soverin (soverin.net). Since I have my own domain name, I’m not captive to any provider, so migration is possible (although requires some planning).

Migration flow

  1. Register with Soverin and confirmed my domain ownership by adding a TXT record.
  2. Import mail using their online tool (2 accounts)
  3. Update MX and TXT DNS records to receive mail (soverin.net)
Name Type Content
@ TXT v=spf1 include:soverin.net ~all
@ MX 10 mx.soverin.net.
  1. Update MX and TXT DNS records to receive plus-addressing e-mail:
Name Type Content
* MX 10 mx.soverin.net.
* TXT v=spf1 include:soverin.net ~all
  1. Update DNS records to enable DKIM.1
Name Type Content
soverin1._domainkey CNAME soverin1._domainkey.sover.in.
soverin2._domainkey CNAME soverin2._domainkey.sover.in.
soverin3._domainkey CNAME soverin3._domainkey.sover.in.
_dmarc CNAME reject._dmarc.sover.in.
  1. Manually imported Notes → server-side via webmail interface in the IMAP Notes folder
  2. Manually import CardDAV data → client-side using macOS Contacts.app - select all, cmd-drag to copy to new account
  3. Manually import CalDAV calendar data → client-side using macOS Calendar.app - export per calendar to .ics file, then import via Roundcube web interface.
  4. Manually import CalDAV reminder data → client-side using macOS Reminders.app - select all, cmd-drag to copy to new account


Contacts.app does not copy all contacts (solved)

Some contacts (88 out 530) were copied. After searching I found that all contacts not copied contained escaped characters (with \). This happens frequently, e.g. by creating a multi-line NOTE field (which then contains \n). I created a ticket with Soverin to address this. I don’t have a workaround.

Update: Soverin has a secondary (newer?) CalDAV/CardDAV server at caldav2.soverin.net which solves these issues for me.

To diagnose, I used the following procedure:

  1. It’s a bit weird that Soverin uses sover.in as DKIM domain as it’s bad practice to have domains outside jurisdiction where you have a stake, India could decide to reject all foreign entities and Soverin has no say in it. ↩︎

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