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Facetime doesn't work on WiFi but on cellular, other iPhones not affeced.

I had one iPhone at home that suddently didnt work on WiFi anymore, while there was nothing special about it. It turned out to be one networking or FaceTime setting somewhere, but I don’t know which. Here I document which switches I toggled.



Basically, fiddle with settings until it works. The parameter space of settings is not divergence free, it seems it matters that you toggle settings on and off again.

  1. In FaceTime settings: Make sure the blue tick is next to your Apple ID (you can verify because directly under the list of options, you’ll see “Apple ID: [your Apple ID in blue font]”)
  2. In FaceTime ettings, where it says “Apple ID: [your Apple ID in blue font]”, tap on the blue font and a ‘FaceTime Account’ dialogue box will appear. Click on ‘Change Location’. Ensure it’s set to the country you’re mostly calling from. Also try to set it to a neighbouring country, and possibly back again.
  3. In FaceTime settings: disable FaceTime and enable it again
  4. In VPN settings: Connect to VPN if you’re using one, then make a call. Then disconnect VPN and call again


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