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Reading out Kamstrup Multical 402/403 with home-built optical head

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Our grid heating meter has been replaced, and since I like to read out meters (vanwerkhoven.org), I had to replace my read out sensor as well. Here I document how I custom-built an IR / optical head to read out the Kamstrup Multical heat meter using their proprietary protocol.



I got the optical head from hal9k.dk (hal9k.dk) for 22 EUR including shipping, soldering and assembly required. Alternatively, you can get one from volkszaehler.org (volkszaehler.org) or buy (247able.com) the (co.uk) official one (co.uk) (not recommended, price >150 EUR).

Soldering instructions are on the hal9k website, and are fairly straight-forward. Note that the resistor color coding might differ from the ones mentioned in the article, use this website to check the resistance (resistorcolorcodecalc.com).


There are several software solutions available for USB-driven optical heads:



Useful background info on the Kamstrump Multical meter sensor here (kamstrup.com) (archive (archive.org)) and here (kamstrup.com) (archive (archive.org)).

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