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Reading out Kamstrup Multical 402/403 with home-built optical head

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Our grid heating meter has been replaced, and since I like to read out meters, I had to replace my read out sensor as well. Here I document how I custom-built an IR / optical head to read out the Kamstrup Multical heat meter using their proprietary protocol.



I got the optical head from hal9k.dk for 22 EUR including shipping, soldering and assembly required. Alternatively, you can get one from volkszaehler.org or buy the official one (not recommended, price >150 EUR).

Soldering instructions are on the hal9k website, and are fairly straight-forward. Note that the resistor color coding might differ from the ones mentioned in the article, use this website to check the resistance.


There are several software solutions available for USB-driven optical heads:



Useful background info on the Kamstrump Multical meter sensor here (archive) and here (archive).

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