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Upgrading Macbook SSD with Sintech m.2 adapters

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Since storage upgrades are quite expensive for MacBooks, there are third-party adapters that allow using m.2 SSDs on Apple’s proprietary connector. Here I describe two of these connectors of Sintech.

Summary: the short Sintech adapter is 1.1mm thinner, which also fits in a 13" MacBookPro12,1, the long version does not fit. For a MacBookPro11,2, both the short and long adapter fit. I don’t see a reason to buy the long (or rather: thick) version.

Introduction & limitations

This guide is based on the following sources:

Adapter comparison

Sintech sells two adapters:

  1. Long version: ST-NGFF2013-C: Sintech info (pc-adapter.net), Sintech shop (sintech.cn), Amazon.de (amazon.de). Thickness: 4.0mm (4.1mm with tape)
  2. Short version: ST-NGFF2013: Sintech info (pc-adapter.net), Sintech shop (sintech.cn), Amazon.de (amazon.de). Thickness: 2.9mm

Sintech long adapter

Sintech short adapter

Installing m.2 SSD in MacbookPro12,1

Sintech short adapter

Sintech long adapter