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DNS-based AdBlock on OpenWRT

(Updated: )

Router-based ad-blocking has advantages that all connected clients are protected. Also, it might speed up connections because filtering is done upstream (i.e. not on client but on the router). However this might be offset by relatively slow hardware of routers.

For OpenWRT, there are two options to block ads (openwrt.org). I chose the regular Adblock package (github.com).

I installed these packages via luci:

  1. adblock
  2. luci-app-adblock
  3. wget (with ssl) Numerous adblock lists are supported (github.com). One question you have to ask is if you trusts these lists, as they could break some websites. I settled on the list below, I’m curious to hear what experience you have.
  4. blacklist - default
  5. disconnect - run by mozilla, known from browser plugin
  6. reg_nl - based on ablockplus easylist
  7. urlhaus - looked trustworthy, but is run by one individual

Regarding speed I don’t notice a difference, but I’ll keep a look out the coming weeks to see if anything is impacted.

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